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we don't believe in filler, baby

if I could I'd sit this out

21 March 1982
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Hi, my name is Eben, and I'm a geek.


I live in an apartment in Chelsea with my girlfriend frendzimagnary, and her friend from college Alice. We live in the first floor of a house; the other floors are occupied by a bunch of my crazy LARP friends.
Chelsea is to the north of Boston. I'm from Connecticut originally, but I moved to Boston largely because my best friend sleetfall (also from Connecticut originally) settled down here for a while (he's since moved on to Portland, Oregon.) sleetfall went to college in Waltham, which is also sort of near Boston. A lot of the time I don't really like Boston, but other times I do.
Since moving up here I've made some new friends:thablueguy grew up in Sudbury, which is also sort of near Boston.
I also met and befriended foreign_devilry, hamsterprophecy and locke61dv all by myself.
Speaking of college, I myself went to college at Northwestern University, just outside of Chicago, Illinois. I made a lot of good friends at college. Most of these people still live in Chicago and I'm jealous.
I also have a few old friends from Connecticut kicking around.
Some people, like juineve, I met on the internet and subsequently have become "real life" friends with. Others, like demiurgent, theferrett and weds, are just sort of tentative internet acquaintances.
Other people are just sort of random and/or long stories.
lady_eleret, spreadnparanoia and tabascosea are all ex-girlfriends of mine. Those are also sort of long stories.
Confused? Try reading 100 random things about me from 2004. It's probably not any less confusing, but at least its stuff about me instead of the people I know. You could also always just Facebook me.